Rough Country 10002 GM Inner Fender Trim Panel (14-18 1500 PU)

SKU: RC_10002

Run your preferred tire size on your 14-18 Chevy 1500 with Rough Country's Inner Fender Trim Panels! These handy panels offer a more elegant solution for running wider, aggressive tires and wheels without any unwanted rubbing from the front inner fender.In some cases, larger, aftermarket tires can rub under a hard turn or full suspension compression, causing undesirable wear and noise. Additionally, some of the wider wheel widths and offsets require a bit more clearance. This problem can be mitigated by trimming select portions of your inner fender, but in the end you're left with an obviously unfinished look, and often resorting to zip ties or other means to hide the fix! These durable, laser-cut panels allow you to perform the appropriate trimming, gaining up to ⅝” of crucial clearance where you need it most. Rough Country's Inner Fender Trim Panels reuse the factory GM corner guard, retaining the factory look for a fully functional inner fender that's more becoming of your lifted truck!