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K40 Radar Detector RLS2

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RLS2 Radar Detector- Ticket Free Guaranteed.
-Has GPS Marking location to silense false warnings or remind of speed traps, and school zones.
K-band filter, coiled cord.

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When you're out on the road, the right detector can make all the difference between a safe cruise and a speeding ticket. K40 has engineered their RLS2 radar detector to give you the alerts you need to avoid threats, with additional useful GPS-based features to help you get the most out of the detector and your ride.

GPS-based features

The RLS2's GPS-based features include:

  • "Mark to Mute" — allows you to mute radar and laser alerts from non-police sources such as automatic doors in a specific GPS location;
  • "Mark to Alert" — lets you mark and unmark any location, including specific threats such as speed traps, school zones, and red light cameras.

The detector is also equipped with a "Quiet Ride" feature which allows the user to silence alerts when traveling below a preset speed, and a speed monitor function which gives a constant audio alert and a visual alert telling the driver to "slow down" whenever a set speed is exceeded.

Audible and visual warnings

The RLS-2 offers both audible and visible warnings when a threat is detected, including voice alerts and displays that warn you about the specific radar band targeting your car. The dot-matrix display makes it easy to see your status at a glance. The audio warnings also include a “Geiger” alert that increases in intensity as you get closer to the incoming signal source.

Filtered information

The RLS2's K-band filter weeds out signals from non-police K-band radar sources, including vehicle safety systems that are radar-based such as adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance, and lane departure warning systems — it'll even filter out K-band transmissions from your own vehicle. The traffic sensor filter offers the ability to filter out K-band signals from traffic flow sensors. The detector gives you a three-option filter control to adjust the unit's sensitivity to city or highway conditions.

Programmable functions

This detector offers thirteen settings, all user-programmable with the remote, giving you control over every parameter; you can choose which bands are monitored, and control the quiet ride and speed monitoring functions. The mute function includes multiple options including automatic volume reduction. And the dim feature lets you give your eyes a break when driving at night.

Accessories included

The package includes a windshield mount, a coiled power cord with 12-volt outlet adapter, and a straight power cord that you can use to hard wire the detector in your vehicle.