60 Series 3" Round Nerf Bars

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LUVERNE 60 Series 3" round nerf bars offer a reliable step up and a unique look. Unlike many 3" nerf bars on the market, the 60 Series features 60-degree bent ends, contouring to your vehicle and accenting its design for a more modern look. There are countless nerf bar options out there, and after a while, they all start to look the same. LUVERNE 60 Series nerf bars are a new twist on a classic look. They feature unique 60-degree bent ends that provide a more contemporary accent for modern trucks and SUVs. Unlike straight tubes and other rounded ends, the 60-degree bends give the nerf bars a bold look to complement the sleek styling of newer vehicles. Also, because the tubes feature mandrel bends, they provide a smooth, seamless appearance. To ensure the 60 Series is made to last through every season of the year, we build them from stainless steel right here in the USA. Stainless steel construction allows these nerf bars to remain rust-free, despite the threats of water, dirt and road grime, and because they're American-made, we can ensure the utmost quality from design to finish. We offer our 60 Series nerf bars in a high-polish stainless steel or a textured black powder coat for maximum corrosion resistance. Each pair of 60 Series 3" round nerf bars is made vehicle-specific for a custom fit. They come with factory-installed brackets and step pads, and mount with no drilling required. The brackets feature a cradle-mount design for maximum strength, and they are shielded in a durable black powder coat finish. The step pads provide a comfortable, non-skid surface for safe entry and exit from your vehicle, and because they are custom-positioned, they perfectly match the unique layout of each application.