Hi-Temp Red Lithium Trailer Bearing Grease Service Pro 14 oz Tube

SKU: SPL00276

Service Pro® Premium High-Temp Grease - Red Grease in 14oz tube

An exceptionally versatile multi-purpose grease that provides superior protection to lubricate a wide variety of severe duty automotive, trucking, industrial, mining and construction equipment. Service Pro® Premium High-Temp Grease contains extreme pressure (EP) additives to minimize wear in heavily-loaded components and is suitable for use at higher temperatures than conventional greases. This grease satisfies a wide range of industrial and automotive applications including bearings, ball joints and bushings.


  • Premium quality lithium complex multi-purpose grease
  • Fully additive treated: EP/antiwear, rust and oxidation inhibited
  • Water insoluble and water washout resistant
  • Superior wheel bearing and chassis performance
  • Meets Service Classification GC-LB

Technical Data:

Thickener: Lithium Complex
Texture: Smooth, Buttery
Color, Observed: Red
Worked 60 Penetration,D-217: 265-295
Dropping Point, D-2265,°F(°C): 500(260)
Wheel Bearing Leakage, D-4290, g loss: 2.3
Water Washout, D-1264, % loss: 1.7 @ 175°F
Rust Prevention, D-1743,rating: Pass
Copper Corrosion, D-4048,rating: 1
Oxidation Stability, D-942, psi drop: 5 @ 100hrs
Oil Separation, D-1742, % loss: 0.8
Timken OK Load, D-2509,lb.: 45
Four-Ball Wear, D-2266,mm: 0.4
Four-Ball EP Weld Point, D-2596,kgf: 315
Four-Ball Load Wear Index, D-2596,kgf: 45
Approximate Temperature Range, °F. (°C.): 10 to 325 (-12 to 163)