Chapin Hand Crank salt and ice melt spreader .8 gal or 3 liter capacity

SKU: 8705A

Take a bite out of winter with the Chapin Hand Salt and Ice Melt Spreader. It features a rugged poly scoop with a toothed edge for cutting through salt making scooping easy. The thumb controlled gate adjustment and trigger gate control are designed to handle the various sizes of salt and ice-melt smoothly, enclosed gears keep debris out. The impeller is designed to provide an even spread pattern. Great for steps, sidewalks and areas a larger spreader can't go. 

  • 3-Liter / .79-Gallon capacity scoop spreader
  • Rugged, unique toothed-edge for easy scooping through salt
  • Thumb controlled gate adjustment and enclosed gears, spread where you want
  • Easy-crank design works with gloves and mittens
  • Lightweight and easy to maintain
  • Great for steps, sidewalks and small areas where larger spreaders can't go

    Applications: pretreat and de-ice solutions



    Materials Used Suggested Settings
    Fine-grain material 1
    Medium-grain material 2
    Coarse-grain material 3



      Use Settings Chart to obtain proper setting for material to be used

      NOTE: if selected setting does not apply as much material as needed, either try another setting or a second application at the same setting.

      Move stop on rate gauge to the proper setting.

      While turning handle crank, pull the trigger to start. To stop, release trigger while continuing to crank the handle.

      When finished, empty any remaining material from hopper and thoroughly wash spreader and allow it to dry before storing.

      Be sure to read manufacturer's instructions on all products used. Too much of certain chemicals can be harmful to surfaces. Apply all products in accordance with product manufacturer's instructions.