Acari third brake light bar

Drill Free Rooftop Mounting Platform


On the planet there is a lot of different products and things you can do to your truck.  One of them is by putting a permanent mount light bar on the top of your truck.  Lots of people dont want the holes on the roof to be permanent.  This Acari light bar allows you to install a permenent type of light on the roof of your truck without drilling holes.  Simply remove your existing third brake light and install this on the roof of the truck.  Mount accessoires such as antennas, warning lights and work lights to the truck without any damage and exposed wires.  This would be also a great option to avoid lease vehicle penatlties because it doesnt do any damage. 



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Choose platform length, then select vehicle specific mounting kit


RTM-100   22" Rooftop Mounting Platform

RTM-200   28" Rooftop Mounting Platform

RTM-300   34" Rooftop Mounting Platform


Mounting kits are specific to vehicle year, make, model, and platform length

MODEL                                   DESCRIPTION                                                               RECOMENDED PLATFORM

R-GM15-1                             Chevy / GM 1500 2014                                                 RTM-100

R-GM15-23                           Chevy / GM 1500 2014                                                 RTM-200-300

R-GM-1                                  Chevy / GM 1500 2007-2013                                      RTM-100

R-GM-23                                Chevy / GM 1500 2007-2013                                      RTM- 200-300

R-GM-1                                  Chevy / GM 2500-3500 HD 2007-2014                    RTM-100

R-GM-23                                Chevy / GM 2500-3500 HD 2007-2014                    RTM-200-300

R-CGM-1                               Chevy / GM 4 DR Crew Cab 2007-2014                  RTM-100

R-CGM-23                             Chevy / GM 4 DR Crew Cab 2007-2014                  RTM 200-300

R-C-1                                     Chevy Colorado 2007-2012                                       RTM-100

R-C-23                                   Chevy Colorado 2007-2012                                      RTM 200-300

R-D-1                                      Dodge Full Size Ram Only 2010-2014                   RTM-100

R-D-23                                     Dodge Full Size Ram Only 2010-2014                  RTM 200-300

R-DK-1                                   Dodge Dakota 2005-2014                                         RTM-100

R-DK-23                                 Dodge Dakota 2005-2014                                         RTM-200-300

R-150-1                                  Ford F-150 2009-2014                                               RTM-100

R-150-23                                  Ford F-150 2009-2014                                             RTM 200-300

R-SD-1                                     Ford Super Duty 2006-2014                                    RTM-100

R-SD-23                                   Ford Super Duty 2006-2014                                    RTM 200-300

R-R-1                                        Ford Ranger 2005-2012                                          RTM-100

R-R-23                                     Ford Ranger 2005-2012                                           RTM 200-300