Upgrade your suspension with a Roadmaster Active Suspension upgrade package.  This is a must for most pickup trucks.  The reason you need to have one of these is because of the following.  It improves your vehicle control, safety and stability without changing any of the ride quality.  The two powerful variable rated coil springs are designed to support and assist rear leaf springs of pickup trucks, vans and SUV's.  Once installed the loaded tension from the Roadmaster Active suspension variable rated coil springs instantly generate energy to the rear leaf springs by holding the leaf springs in their original designed bowed position.  Like powerful muscles, when strain from the load (payload, tow load or vehicle weight shifts, etc.) is applied to the leaf springs the roadmaster active suspension stabilizers come into action immediately, absorbing the force of the load.


When cornering Roadmaster active suspension reduces body roll and improves stability by supporting the spring which is taking the increased lad.  The greater the strain the more counter assistance force from the roadmaster active suspension unit.  This enables vehicles to carry maximum loads without bottoming out.   The roadmaster active suspension is 100% mechanical and responds instantly and in direct proportion to the force applied. 



It also helps with the following

  • Reduces vehicle sway.
  • Reduces Dangerous roll in cornering
  • Improves fuel mileage when loaded
  • Eliminates Axle wrap and wheel hop
  • eliminates bottoming out.
  • Improves hard braking and acceleration
  • Improves Towing and Load carrying abilities
  • Improves driver control with a load
  • Improves Stability in Cross Winds
  • Extends the Tire life significantly
  • Prevents a harder, stiffer ride
  • Easy to install

Roadmaster Active Suspension

To get roadmaster active suspension we can have it sent directly to you from our online store or we can install them at the local dealer Monroe Truck and Auto Accessories, 2915 E Apple Ave, Muskegon, MI  49442 - Call one of our sales experts today at 231-773-0005