Vehicle Undercoating in Muskegon, MI



For many of us, our vehicles are the second biggest investment we make. Protect your investment with rustproofing and undercoating.



What is Undercoating for your car?

Undercoating for your vechicle gives you great protection to keep the value of your car high for a longer period of time.  The primary purpose of undercoating your vehicle is to seal the undercarraige against road salt, dirt, stone, and gravel abrasion. 


Undercoating also provides excellent insulating qualities, road noise reduction and durability.  The material remains flexible and pliable for better adhesion to today's unibody frame construction.  Special additives provide superior adhesion and resilience for your vehicle.  The material will not run or drip at high temperatures, or become brittle in sub-zero weather.  Contains no tar-like ingredients that attack body coatings.  The material that we use is developed for today's advanced engineered vehicles. The product gives a black uniform appearance to underbody and wheel wells.


Undercoating is an investment in your vehicle and can be customized to meet specific needs whether it is for personal , commercial or recreational usage (such as RV's, trailers, etc.).


Living in Michigan, part of the rustbelt area, having an undercoating on your vehicle offers great protection. On a daily basis we see the frames of cars and trucks which have been nearly destroyed by rust, and the owners have no idea since the underbody is not often seen. The upperbody and interior may still be in decent shape, while the bottom of your vehicle is being eaten away by rust. The best way to prevent this from happening is to have your vehicle professionally undercoated. 



We know there are some cheap do-it-yourself versions out there, which might save you a few bucks right now - so why have it done at Monroe's? Our techinicans are experts!  They are trained professionals and have done this hundreds of times. We have the correct equipment and knowledge to do a professional and quality job, ensuring complete and uniform coverage. With the do-it-yourself kits it is nearly impossible to get all the tiny hard to reach spots under your vehicle, especially if you don't have a lift to raise the vehicle. If done improperly, such as missed spots or uneven coating, undercoating will be ineffective and can actually trap salt and corrosive materials, speeding up the rusting process. So save time and money by having it done right the first time - get your vehicle professionally protectcted at Monroe's Truck and Auto Accessories!


Give us a call today, or stop by today. Our knowledgeable and friendly team will be happy to answer all of your questions regarding rustproofing and undercoating!

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