Deluxe Tilt Bed Tow Dolly

Part Number: cardolly

There are many different kinds of tow dollies for sale.  Master Tow brand is known by its color.  Off white and Dark navy blue color.  The Master tow dolly comes in two different sizes.  Monroe's Stocks the 77 inch wide and the 80 inch wide tow dolly.

The tread width for the tow dolly on the 77" wide is 40" to 77"  The 80 inch model has a tread width of 40" to 80"  Monroe's stock the 80" wide three different ways.  You can get the 80" wide with no brakes, electric brakes, or surge brakes.   If you come to get the electric brake tow dolly then be prepared to get a brake controller to stop the trailer as your going down the road.  If you need details on a brake controller click here to get brake control info.  You dont need a brake controller for the surge break tow dolly.  Surge brakes are housed hydraulic brakes if the trailer breaks free from the vehicle a stop cord is pulled and then the brakes are activated. 


The overall width on the 77" wide tow dolly overall is 99" and the over all width is 102" on the 80" tow dolly.  Height at the fender on both of these is 26" tall.  Ground clearance is going to be 6".  The gross vehicle weight rating for the 77" tow dolly is 3000 pounds and 80" will be 3500 pounds.  Tire size on the 77" tow dolly is for 205/75 14" 6ply  and the 80" tire is 205/75 14" 6ply.   The coupler on both is going to be 2" and rated for 5000 pounds.


There are available options for your tow dolly purchase also.  They are available with LED lights, 14" radial tire, come standard with Bias tires, spare tire mounts, secure chaings, bolt on winch kit, or Monroes also stocks magnetic light kits.  Also available on our online store

Tow Dolly Strap Replacement

Part Number: towdollystraps