In today's changing market, it is more important than ever to be able to cater to the needs and wants of your clients. Monroe's is proud to sell Forest River Inc trailers, North America's leaders in cargo and specialty trailers, who are now offering you a superior Mobile Restroom Series. With Models to suit events both large and small you are sure to find one that fits your needs. From plain and basic to models fit for the rich and famous, these trailers can be customised to fit your event and your budget.




Following are highlights from its Mobile Restrooms brochure :



Century II Restroom Trailers


The Century II offers two completely private and self-contained restrooms. The 370-gallon holding tank is made from 3/8-inch polyethylene and resists solvents, acids and other cleaners. With an average capacity of 1,100-plus flushes, it’s perfectly designed for small- to mid-sized events.



Century III Restroom Trailers


The Century III was designed around bigger gatherings. With a 500-gallon holding tank, it can accommodate up to 1,500 flushes. It features the same easy-to-clean interior, easy maintenance and set up exterior of the Century II Restroom Trailer in a larger event handling frame.



Denali Restroom Trailers


The Denali Restroom Trailer offers a more free flowing environment with easy entry and exit doors on each side, while still keeping the same easy to clean and sanitize wall, counter and floor surfaces. The Denali can accomodate up to four women and six men at any time. The 740-gallon waste tank can handle up to 2,200 flushes.



Century V Restroom Trailers


The Century V is the largest of the single restroom cubicle models we build. It was designed around the largest gatherings we could think of such as corporate golf outings, upscale special events and state fairs. With two 3/8-inch polyethylene holding tanks and over 850 gallons of capacity, the Century V Restroom Trailer can accommodate up to 2,600 flushes.




Century/Denali Standards Shower Combo Standards


Lockable base cabinets

 Solid surface countertop with stainless steel sink(s)

• Self closing faucets

 Soap dispenser 

• Shatterproof mirror

• Ceramic china, pedal flush toilets

• Auto flush, ceramic china urinal (men’s restroom only)

• Toilet paper holder

• Sanitary supply receptacle (women’s restrooms only)

• Automated touchless towel dispenser

    Waste basket cut out and waste basket

• Smooth durable white fiberglass  interior

• 1 Piece non skid rubber flooring

1 Piece ceiling with built in air supply and air return

• Automatic door closers

    Occupancy lighting

 • 1 Piece aluminum roof

     Screwless exterior perfect for your business’ graphics

  Porch lights at all entry doors

• Fold down aluminum step platforms with railings

 3" quick connect waste tank access valve

 1" wash out plug

• Fresh water hook up

• 15 Amp receptacle

• Roof mounted air conditioner

• Insulated walls and ceiling

    3 Year frame and structural warranty

• 14 exterior colors available




Shower Combo Standards

 (  Century Models II, III, and V can be converted into Combo Units that have a shower and toilet in each   compartment .) 


    32" X 32" Shower pan

• Self closing faucets

   Shampoo and soap dispensers

 Pre-formed corner sink

• Triple toilet paper holder

 • Shatterproof mirror

• Ceramic china, pedal flush toilets

 • Paper towel dispensers

       Waste basket

• Smooth durable white fiberglass walls

  1 Piece non-skid rubber flooring

• 1 Piece ceiling with built-in air supply and air return




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