The all new BOSS ATV fully hydraulic ATV Plow. 


What does this mean for your ATV?  Well.... No more winches to freeze up or monkey around with, no more handles to bend or pulleys to break.  All the hydraulics are fully enclosed keeping them free of damagin water and moisture and especially any salt.  Not only did the BOSS make the low profile undercarriage rugged and tyough, but they also made it with a minimal decrease in ground clearance that means when your boss atv plow is not attahced the ATV will remain trail compatible. 

The awesome switch box controller is easy to mount and conveniently accessalbe on the handlebar.  The ATV plow controller is so easy to use you can controll it with your thumb as your riding.  Like we said no handlebars or pulleys to play with.  Power lift and power angle that come at the push of a button.