Rust Proofing with Rust Inhibitor



Rust is a car's natural enemy. More than just a discoloration of metal, rust is the corrosive result of a chemical reaction between oxygen and iron.  Rusted metal is not as structurally strong as rust-free metal. Since most cars are made of metal (especially steel) we can rightfully guess that a car with a rust problem is not as structurally sound and, therefore, more dangerous than a rust-free car. Cars constantly exposed to wet weather, humidity and corrosive road salts are more likely to suffer from potentially disastrous rust problems. Tree sap, industrial fallout, and acid rain will also cause corrsoison and rust on your vehicle. Rust will structurally weaken any piece of metal it has infected, so rusty car parts are often dangerous car parts. Rust proofing helps ensure that your vehicles will not suddenly disintegrate as you drive down the highway.


Rustproofing will keep your vehicle in the best possible condition, which also adds to resale and trade-in value!



Rust proofing is the best way to extend the life of a vehicle and all its components. Surface corrosion, the most common type of corrosion, is often not covered under your manufacturer's warranty. Our products are OEM APPROVED by the world's largest automobile manufacturers: GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Mazda, Hyundai, Nissan, Kia, Infiniti, Saturn and Saab. 



What is Rust Proofing? 


  Rustproofing is the protection that slows down the process in which the metal will oxodize.  Monroe Truck & Auto Accessories offers the best rust proof package for your vehicle.  By means of fogging areas with a high pressure spray, there will be a complete penetration of crevices, cavities and other rust prone areas for maximum vehicle protection.  It is a odorless wax-based formula that bonds permanently, forming a clear, waterproof, salt-resistant seal.  The professionally trained technicians at Monroe's will apply the protection package through existing body holes - there is no need to drill any further holes into your vehicle for this process.  Also, it will not restrict or plug existing critical vehicle drain holes.



How often do I have to rustproof my Vehicle?

  The Rust Inhibtor is a one-time application that will extend outer vehicle panel life, which could help increase vehicle resale value. 






  • Stops rust from inside out
  • Full, lifetime limited warranty on qualified vehicles
  • Tough, two-step sealant process
  • Sealant bonds to inner metal surfaces
  • No holes are drilled
  • Special tools insure all areas are protected
  • For new, used and commercial vehicles




Protect your investment by getting it protected with rustproofing and underbody coating at Monroe's. For more information on our rust-proofing products and process, give us a call! Our specially trained technicians will answer all your questions about rust-proofing and vehicle protection.


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