Biker Bar Trailer Latch alternative to wheel chock

Part Number: tbd

  • No Wheel Chocks
  • No Tie Downs needed


You don't want to be tied down, neither does your bike!  
Once again, B&W is revolutionizing the way you tow.  If you trailer your motorcycle, wouldn't you like to spend less than five minutes securing it for the drive? The B&W Trailer Hitches Biker Bar makes loading and unloading stress-free and fast by eliminating the need for straps.
A neoprene-lined removable clamping bar attaches to your bike frame in a few seconds without a scratch. Once the clamping bar is attached, simply drive into the mounted plate while the automatic latch secures the bike in seconds, without requiring a single strap. In true B&W fashion, an additional feature of the Biker Bar is that the mounting plate can be easily removed, freeing your trailer for other loads.
The Biker Bar currently works with Harley Davidson motorcycles, and will debut at the 72nd Annual 2012 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.