Jotto Desk Computer mounts for the inside of the cab.  You have seen these before in police cruisers.  Most police cars use a lap top attached to a computer mount so they can drive and see thier screen for the calls they are going.  We dont want you driving and using the computer like the law enforcement but if your a contractor parked on the side of the road for under ground utilities or for whatever reason you need a computer mount this will do the trick! 

Jotto Desk computer mounts are vehicle specific appliations that you can attach the computer mount right to the seat frame.  If there is not a application then we can get you the universal application which you should bolt to the floor of the vehicle.  We have installed it in Chevy Pickup trucks, Honda Odessy Mini Vans, and Dodge Ram Pickup trucks.  Installation is simple on the vehicle specific ones.

Another application this works well for is for Escort Service companies.   IF you have a load and need to find bridge information at your finger tips and route planning the jotto desk works well.